Joel Hunnicutt (artist photo)

Joel Hunnicutt (artist photo) Thumbnail of Joel Hunnicutt (artist photo)

Large Maple Vase

Large Maple Vase Thumbnail of Large Maple Vase

Open segment hollow form

Open segment hollow form Thumbnail of Open segment hollow form

Large form

Large form Thumbnail of Large form


Basket Thumbnail of Basket

Blue Teal bottle form

Blue Teal bottle form Thumbnail of Blue Teal bottle form

Small open vase

Small open vase Thumbnail of Small open vase

Double gourd form

Double gourd form Thumbnail of Double gourd form
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Artist Profile Joel Hunnicutt

Joined: February 1st, 2013

I am a wood artist focused on the shape, color, and design of the vessel.  The primary technique I use is called "segmented" turning.  This is a process of precisely cutting and assembling small pieces of wood, often 3 or more species, and turning them to a final shape on the wood lathe.  The use of this technique allows me great flexibility in designing shapes that would be extremely difficult or impossible to create from solid wood.


My goal is to  generate the flowing feeling of glass in the organic medium of wood.  Pieces are typically finished in lacquer.  Often I use dyes in the lacquer to create a rainbow of color, not generally associated with wood.