David and Nissa Vrooman (artist photo)

David and Nissa Vrooman (artist photo) Thumbnail of David and Nissa Vrooman (artist photo)

Amethyst Ring

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Harvest Stack Rings 18k

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Atlantis Pendant

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Atlantis Earrings

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Echo Wedding Bands

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Artist Profile David and Nissa Vrooman

Joined: October 1st, 2005
Website: www.VroomanDesigns.com

I use fire and heat to combine and fuse precious metals together. This process is the cornerstone of numerous techniques that I employ in the creation of my work. It is a process that deals with the metal in a dynamic state. Metal is a medium that can go from totally solid to totally liquid, and back again. This technique of fusing exists on the razor thin edge between those two worlds. In drawing from both states, I create a dynamic effect of fluid motion or life, frozen in the moment. No two pieces are ever exactly alike.

I take the metal through a lot. Texturing is achieved through hammering, engraving, filing, cutting, etc., and then it’s taken to an almost molten state, fused with other colored metals, and given its final shape. The end product is then carefully finished, but not over-fashioned. I like to keep the raw intrinsic beauty of the natural materials and processes apparent in the finished work.

My designs come from a primitive and spiritual place deep within me. Natural forms are often reflected in textures and shapes I use. I will often ‘paint’ or carve symbols into the work. To me, they wordlessly bridge the gap between the mystery and power of the natural world, and our personal connection to it.

The shapes of these pieces are dynamic and free. They celebrate the natural beauty of the materials and techniques I use. They are special pieces that connect us with that part of ourselves which is perhaps un-seen, forgotten and wild. A finished piece will have a bold and moving presence entirely of its own, but one that works in harmony with the day-to-day life of the wearer

David and Nissa own and maintain Vrooman Designs Studio in Asheville NC, their home since 2003. Their work can be found in Asheville at Ariel Gallery Contemporary Craft Cooperative in downtown Asheville. The Vroomans also exhibit their jewelry at art/craft shows throughout the year.

Custom work is available upon request via e-mail and phone, or visit us at Ariel Gallery.